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Infallibility of the Pope in his Decree of Canonization
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Author:  pkristof [ Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  Infallibility of the Pope in his Decree of Canonization

This is an interesting article entitled "Infallibility of the Pope in his Decree of Canonization" from "The Jurist" Vol. 6 (1946): pp. 401-415. (please excuse the quality of the file - I took pictures of individual pages with my ipad.)

URL (to download article) from my dropbox account: ... da_opt.pdf

Interesting excerpts include (empasis mine):

(i) from p. 408: Arguments favouring the infallibilty of the Pope in his decree of canonization may be reduced to the following. First of all, a denial of infallibilty in this matter would militate against the right of the Church to determine the manner of worship, for if the Church were able to decide only in general that Saints should be venerated and could not with absolute certainty declare that a particular servant of God should be honoured, the power of determining the object of worship would be deficient.

(ii) from p. 410: Replying to the first objection, St. Thomas says that the Pope, to whom pertains the canonization of Saints, can certify as to the state of anyone by investigating his life and by the testimony of miracles; but chiefly through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost,
who penetrates everything, even the innermost secrets of God.

(iii) from p. 414:In canonization our attention should be directed to two elements: one human, the other divine: the human, i.e., all that pertains to the historical facts, their investigation and their confirmation; the divine element, namely, after due investigation has been made into the life and virtues of a servant of God, divine assistance is enlisted for an absolute judgment" for the Pope intends to and actually does use his supreme power.

Clearly excerpt (iii) reiterates that it is the Divine assistance from the Holy Ghost that is the determining factor for the canonization of a servant of God.

Please read the entire article. It is at least a good summary by Fr. Francis Kieda, a doctor of Canon Law.

Author:  John Lane [ Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Infallibility of the Pope in his Decree of Canonization

Thanks mate, that's much appreciated!

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